Ky është artikulli në Art Dictionary që i dedikohet piktorit shqiptar Fatmir Haxhiu ku të dhënat për datën dhe vëndlindjen janë të gabuara (Tiranë,28 Tetor 1928). Të dhënat e sakta(Gjirokastër,28 Dhjetor 1927).


Haxhiu, Fatmir

(b Tiranė, 28 Oct 1928).

Albanian painter. He studied painting at the Higher Institute of Arts in Tiranė (1961–5). He specialized in monumental painting, in particular historical battle paintings, and also painted numerous large-scale figure compositions. Haxhiu’s work is concentrated on three key moments in the history of Albania: the period of the Albanian–Ottoman wars and Skanderbeg in the 15th century (e.g. Sword in Hand, 4.5×5.5 m, 1978; Tiranė, Prime Minister’s Office), the struggle for national independence from the Ottoman occupation (e.g. Scorched Land, 4×3 m, 1985; Tropojė, Hist. Mus.) and World War II (e.g. Breaking through the Encirclement, 2.2×2.0 m, 1978; Tiranė, A.G.). His work is noted for its historical truthfulness, the dramatic character of events and the compositional balance of his figures. The realistic outline of figures, their dynamic and eloquent movements, the penetrating psychology of the portraiture and the use of intense colour, as well as a wide range of gentle hues, all make his work effective. Besides battle paintings Haxhiu also painted subjects concerned with social development in socialist Albania, for example Enver Hoxha at the Qemal Stafa School (1970; Tiranė, Qemal Stafa School).


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